nine patch completeThe 9-patch unit is constructed in a very similar way to the 4-patch. Once again a seam allowance of 1/4 inch means that you add 1/2 inch to the final required size. In other words, if you are making a 9-patch unit to finish at 6 inches square, each square will be 2 inches, so you will need to cut units at 2 1/2 inches.

This method for making several Nine-Patch units at once requires you to cut strips - these should be 1/2 inch wider than the finished squares. So in the above example you would cut 2 1/2 inch wide strips.


cut 3 stripsYou will need to cut three strips of each of your two colours. cut 3 more strips Lay them out as shown.





stitch stripsstrips stitchedStitch the strips together along the long edges. When stitching strips try to stitch one seam in one direction and the next in the opposite direction to prevent the strip from bowing.





press to darkPress the seams to the darker fabric on each set of to dark




cut slicestwo slices cutCut slices fromcut one slice each strip set. The width of the slices should be the same as the width you cut the strips.

You need two slices from one set and one from the other for each 9-patch unit.




arrange slices

arrange slicesstitch slices

Arrange the slices into the desired 9-patch and stitch together, butting the seams as for the 4-patch units so you get a perfect (or near enough) meet at the seam intersections.




press seamspress seams

Open out the seams as for the four-patch units and press.




nine-patch complete

You should have completed 9-patch units.